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Amcom/Commtech Wireless Name Change

Many of us are familiar with the Commtech Wireless brand.  They have been in the industry for many years and have been providing high quality communications products for the Healthcare industry, most of us would know their 7900 & 7950 series of Pagers as this is our preferred pager due to its robustness and longevity of use without shifting out of frequency.

Commtech was later sold to Amcom Software, an extension of USA Mobility Wireless, a large company based in the US.  As of last week, the names USA Mobility Wireless and Amcom Software are respectfully a part of a new, single company name, Spok (pronounced “spoke”).

"What Prompted This Change? The Spok name represents a fresh start for our organisation and a new brand to the market. Why change our brand? The USA Mobility Wireless and Amcom Software brands are both strong and well respected. However, they do not reflect our global focus and tend to be strongly associated with one or two key product lines. We are an innovative global critical communications provider. We deliver smart, reliable solutions to help protect the health, well-being, and safety of people around the globe. We need our brand to reflect our global innovative identity. Why ‘Spok?’ Because it evokes an integral part of a greater whole: like the spokes of a wheel, each supporting the other and the overall network. It’s about movement, strength, reliability, and speed -- all the things needed in your critical communications. After all, a closed loop is what it’s all about. We’re announcing our new name to the world. Our new website,, is active now, so check out our new look."

The impact on our clientele at this stage is unknown, however we expect it to be minimal.  Spok will continue to manufacture and distribute the same great products we have been using for years.

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