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Access Protocol Turns 15

This month is a very special month for Access Protocol and the team.  Not only does it mark our 15th Birthday, a major milestone for any business, but also 9 years since it grew wings and seperated from its orginal owner, Austco Communications.  

Access Protocol was originally a part of Austco and was dedicated to the installation of the Austco Nurse Call Systems throughout WA.  This directed time and efforts away from their core business of developing and manufacturing quality nurse call systems, leaving the door open for the current director, Rhys Mitchell, to realise his vision of being Western Australia's only dedicated Nurse Call System company.  This was something sorely missing in the market as each manufacturer was also the installer, leaving little to no room for change if the facility was unhappy with their provider.

Access Protocol chose to continue installing the Austco brand of Nurse Call Systems due to the high quality and innovative approach Austco had shown.  Throughout the years the team has grown to understand and support various nurse call systems so that facilities now had someone else to turn to for support should it be required.

Congratulations to Rhys and the team for reaching such a milestone!


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