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Cordless Fall Prevention

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Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace is always a continous focus of improvement to ensure the well-being being of both Residents and Carers.

The Cura1 range of cordless fall prevention products couldn’t be more convenient, and without the requirement of cables being run on the floor add an additional level of safety to the workplace and reduces the likelihood of damage to the products in use.

Available for use in Premium Floor Mats, Bed Pads and Chair Pads there is a cordless product to suit your needs.

The Cordless Monitor will accept signals from two cordless transmitters.  This allows for the perfect combination of products to alert care staff of movements, for example, a cordless bed pad and cordless chair pad, with the use of a single monitor.



  • Simple Operation and maintenance
  • Accepts 2 inputs
  • Up to 50m range
  • No more cords between the pad/mat and monitor
  • Alarm memory and Auto Re-arm
  • Caregiver Key reset option
  • Battery operated or optional plug pack
  • Adjustable Alarm volume and selectable tones
  • Can be connected to a Nurse Call system or used as a stand-alone system
  • Warns if contact with transmitter is lost
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