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April No Falls

April is nearly upon us, and with that starts the "April No Falls" campaign.  The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) promotes the no falls message throughout the month in order to help raise awareness and help in the prevention of falls.  

"The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found the number of elderly people who die each year from falls has quadrupled over the past decade. More than 1,500 people over the age of 75 years died from falls in 2011, compared to 365 in 2002. Falls are also the leading cause of injury related hospitalisation in persons aged 65 years and over in Australia." (source

Commonly falls are related directly to the patient/resident's eagerness to get up without the aid of care staff, slipping only accounts for a minority of falls.  This makes exercise and strength training important for residents to ensure they are capable of maintaining their balance, and the shift in body weight, while getting up. 

If a fall was to occur it is important to be able to reach the resident and provide aid as quickly as possible to avoid further injury or pain.  Falls Prevention equipment has been around for many years, and unfortunately in its early days it was not done very well.  Technology has now caught up with industry requirements and some very good products exist on the market.

These products exist, most notably, in the form of specially designed beds or sensor pads/mats including Bed Exit Pads, Chair Pads, Floor mats and sensor beams.

Access Protocol carry a range of these products and for the month of April are providing free onsite demonstrations of the product.  During the month of April a 15% discount will also be offered on all falls protection equipment.  Offer ends 30.04.14.


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