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Portable RF Module


The portable RF module allows a simple conversion of a standard bedside pendant (with 6.5mm jack) to a wireless unit that can be worn by a resident. 

The RF pendant worn around the neck of the resident can be activated from any area of their room or ensuite to send the message that assistance is required through the existing Nurse Call system. 
Product Specifications
The RF module is a 160mm x 100mm x 50mm box connected to a 1.5m lead and a standard 6.5mm pendant plug. A 240/12V power supply is included with a re-chargeable battery back up. 
The RF pendant is a waterproof plastic pendant supplied on a light gauge necklace with an approx. 15m signalling radius. 


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Austco Communications Systems Spok Accutech Wander Management Multitone Australasia


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