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Dementia on the rise: Are you prepared?

There have recently been a number of alarming reports and statistics that indicate an ever growing number of people needing dementia care.  It has been reported that there is approximately 280,000 Australians living with dementia and without any significant medical breakthroughs this number is expected to reach 1 million by 2050.  (source

This may sound like a long way away but it is of vital importance that your facility (and the aged care industry as a whole) prepares for these changes along the way, rather than attempting to make changes as a mere afterthought.  As the old saying goes "If you fail to plan you plan to fail".

Thinking of Upgrading?

If you currently have an older Nurse Call/Patient alarm system and are thinking of upgrading there are several questions you should be asking of anyone you may be seeking quotations from:

  1. What do you foresee is the lifespan of this product?
  2. How easy/difficult would it be to upgrade or add new components in say 2 years time?
  3. Does the system utilise any "old" technology or is it fully IP based?
  4. Does the reporting suit your reporting requirements?
  5. Is the system user friendly?

These questions can help you to ensure that you protect your facilities investment and "future proof" the facility to help cater for the changes that look to be on their way.

Already Upgraded?

If you have upgraded your system recently or are not currently in the market to review your current nurse call system then there are a few questions you will need to ask yourself:

  1. What are the future plans of the facility? (eg will you be accommodating more high care residents than previously, are there any expansion plans)
  2. Do you have any current issues that need to be rectified? (eg wandering residents, inaccurate reporting etc)
  3. Can your current system be added to relatively easily?
  4. Will you be upgrading the system in the next 5 years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then once again creating an action plan is going to be of benefit.  There are new technologies on the market to aid in expanding your current system without undergoing a significant investment or, depending on your situation, you may be better off upgrading to a new system now so that you can utilise those benefits now and well into the future (otherwise you may be paying for outdated technology to be added to an already outdated system you intend to replace).


If you are unsure or require some assistance in formalising an action plan then Access Protocol can help.  Simply send us an email (click here) or give Paul a call on 9244 5347.

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