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Secure Facilities not required, or are they?

Aged Care facilities are most often a Non-Secure facility and are unable to cater for residents with dementia.  These residents often become disoriented and make all sorts of decisions, including that to exit the facility requiring them to be transferred to a secure facility to ensure they recieve the appropriate care and attention they require.  

But what happens if your resident only has the onset of dementia (having the occasional turn) and isnt ready for a secure facility?  Transferring them ealry can be particularly devastating if the resident has a partner in the same facility or loves their way of life.

Unfortunately it is not viable to secure the facility for a single resident (or several) unless the need arises.  A new range of products is now available to assist in monitoring these residents via the use of various sensors including Out of Bed Mats, Floor pressure mats, chairs pads, RF Sensors and more.  Most are portable solutions that can go from one resident to another (as the need arises) or can monitor multiple residents at once.

With the aid of these additional tools you may be able to provided the specific care a resident needs without having to transfer them to another facility.


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