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Annunciators in Aged Care

Annunciators are very much common place in hospital wards and are used to alert staff about the calls in their area (along with a message to paging or DECT). But do they have a place in an Aged Care Facility?

There are varied thoughts on this topic with these thoughts coming from both nursing staff and aged care managers.

Nursing Staff - "Annunciators are a great tool to alert those staff that don't carry pagers or a DECT phone as well as confirmation that a patient/resident call is still active and hasn't been dealt with.

Facility Manager - "We are trying to make residents feel more at home within our facility and annunciators detract from that feeling making it a little more like a hospital." Both views have a very real point and a line needs to be drawn between the two divides. There is though a third voice that rarely gets heard. That of the IT manager.

IT Manager - "My role is to ensure that the staff and residents receive the best tools to help them in their jobs and to ensure all areas of IT (including Nurse Call) runs smoothly and efficiently. I believe Annunciators provide two levels of use within our facility 1) another level of backup and redundancy should the paging/DECT system go down 2) increases the efficiency of staff to get the calls off the screen as speedily as possible."

Redundancy is an issues that is rarely looked at as nurse call systems can run for 10+ years before even having a fault. But consider this. A nurse call system runs on a pc/server. Your own personal computer would probably not last longer than a few years before you upgrade to something bigger and better because the old one is too slow or no longer functions.

So when you are looking at your Nurse Call system consider putting an annunciator or 2 in select staff only locations. This way everyone remains happy; annunciators our out of resident view, IT have their redundancy and increased efficiency and staff can visually see their calls.


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