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Reporting - Life made simpler

Reports are an extremely useful tool to measure and gauge the success of your facility, however, it is also probably one of the most "painful" aspects of our day. Whether the reports be used yourself or have to be given to management, government or other bodies it can be a very time consuming task, taking you away from more important tasks that will make a difference to your own work load.

Austco have made life a little simpler by producing a product that will generate many of the reports that you require without the hassle of updating spreadsheets and the like, saving you time, money and more importantly your sanity.

Depending on the system you currently have in place there are 2 options for reporting: TACERA and IP Connect. TACERA is Austco's latest system and incorporates many different levels of reporting and is for use in newer IP based nursecall systems.

IP Connect has been designed for use with older style systems and includes many reports that TACERA is capable of producing.

If you would like a demonstration of the reporting abilities of Austco products give us a call or send a request via the contact page.


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