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Tacera: The Next Generation in Health Care Communication Solutions

Austco Communications Systems is pleased to introduce Tacera, the latest advance in Nurse Call and Health Care Communication Systems. Reactive technologies, cluttered stations and hard to use software are a thing of the past, Tacera offers instead simplicity in real-time connections for Health Care professionals and patients.

Tacera, using our select-assign touch process, is the only Health Care solution that allows staff to improve their workflow design. Following patients from admission to discharge, informing staff of calls, alarms and events wherever they may be, Tacera records and feeds behavioural information to streamline workflow efficiencies. This together with our unique multilevel comprehensive reporting will minimise time spent on activities not related to Patient care.

Tacera is the world’s first true IP solution where all system components are fully IP configurable and have their own unique address for best in class supervision and system management. Nurse stations and Patient stations use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offering non-blocking audio connectivity when integrating wired and wireless solutions on your existing IT infrastructure. This also helps to lower cost by eliminating expensive middleware from other vendors.

The easy-to-use touch screen console used in conjunction with the single platform, single server solution will tidy nurse stations and simplify installations for future add-ons. Designed to connect to most popular systems on the market, Tacera uses industry standard protocols to protect investments and deliver hassle-free, seamless plug and play integration.

"No more unanswered Patient calls, no more delays in responding to Emergency calls, no more running around looking for caregivers,” explained Geoff Wanless, group CEO. With Tacera, Health Care professionals are empowered with actionable information and the ability to react instantly to patient needs, reducing risk and increasing overall patient satisfaction.

"Tacera's technology significantly decreases the reporting burden on caregivers and improves clinical workflows," added Wanless. "This makes a difference in delivering care and improving Patient outcomes.”

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