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Reporting - Life made simpler

Reports are an extremely useful tool to measure and gauge the success of your facility, however, it is also probably one of the most "painful" aspects of our day. Whether the reports be used yourself or have to be given to management, government or other bodies it can be a very time consuming task, taking you away from more important tasks that will make a difference to your own work load.

Accreditation and You!

More and more of our clients are coming up due for the accreditation appraisal and have been asking us "Do our systems meet the Accreditation Requirements?" This isn't a question that can be answered in a "black & white" fashion as there are many things that are considered during the accreditation process.

To help shed light on this question there are 4 main areas of consideration when applying for your accreditation:

Tacera: The Next Generation in Health Care Communication Solutions

Austco Communications Systems is pleased to introduce Tacera, the latest advance in Nurse Call and Health Care Communication Systems. Reactive technologies, cluttered stations and hard to use software are a thing of the past, Tacera offers instead simplicity in real-time connections for Health Care professionals and patients.


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