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Secure Facilities not required, or are they?

Aged Care facilities are most often a Non-Secure facility and are unable to cater for residents with dementia.  These residents often become disoriented and make all sorts of decisions, including that to exit the facility requiring them to be transferred to a secure facility to ensure they recieve the appropriate care and attention they require.  

Wireless Nurse Call: Are we ready for it?

As the challenge to provide more care – with fewer resources continues, service providers look towards technology to provide some of the necessary solutions. Wireless Nurse Call systems have been marketed, and, provided a range of options for many years.

Premium Floor Mat

Ensuring that your residents or patients have the highest quality of life possible is of vital importance.  At times though there is a need to monitor those that may be prone to wandering, falling out of bed or simply need a little extra attention.

These premium quality floor mats provide your facility with monitoring mats that look and feel like a mat should, ensuring people in your care don't feel averse to its use, while ensuring virtually no false alarms wasting your staff’s time.

Access Protocol Turns 15

This month is a very special month for Access Protocol and the team.  Not only does it mark our 15th Birthday, a major milestone for any business, but also 9 years since it grew wings and seperated from its orginal owner, Austco Communications.  



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