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Pendant Double Adaptor Module

The Portable Pendant Adaptor Module has been designed to allow 2 nurse call devices (such as a pendant and a fall prevention floor mat) to connect to one 6.5mm connector in a call point.

Manufactured onsite by Access Protocol after feedback from both staff and clients, this unit can replace the pendant double adaptor that isnt suitable for all sites.

6.5mm Pendant Double Adaptor

Many facilities now have systems installed that utilises the standard 6.5mm Mono/Stereo Jack for the resident call pendant.  Many, however, did not foresee a need to install a secondary pendant point for things such as bed exit floor mats/bed mats/Bed wet sensor etc.

The Pendant Double Adaptor allows you to utilise the one pendant connecter for 2 devices, e.g. Resident call Pendant and Bed Exit floor mat.


Portable RF Module

The portable RF module allows a simple conversion of a standard bedside pendant (with 6.5mm jack) to a wireless unit that can be worn by a resident. 

Dementia on the rise: Are you prepared?

There have recently been a number of alarming reports and statistics that indicate an ever growing number of people needing dementia care.  It has been reported that there is approximately 280,000 Australians living with dementia and without any significant medical breakthroughs this number is expected to reach 1 million by 2050.  (source


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