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April No Falls

April is nearly upon us, and with that starts the "April No Falls" campaign.  The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) promotes the no falls message throughout the month in order to help raise awareness and help in the prevention of falls.  

January 2013 Promotion

Portable RF Module now on Sale - $55.00 off regular price!!!

Happy New Year

Access Protocol would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

2012 has now come to a close with many exciting events taking place, including:

  • Our 15th Birthday celebration
  • Austco aquired the Sedco brand
  • 3G IP based Nurse call system "TACERA" launch in full swing
  • New Fleet of vehicles for the Access Protocol team
  • New Range of Fall prevention products

We hope that 2013 will provide us with many new challenges that will allow us to help your facility in its day-to-day operations.

Sedco Nurse Call Equipment

Effective January 2013 - Access Protocol will be the exclusive distributer of Sedco Nurse Call equipment in Western Australia.

As always, we continue to be the exclusive Austco Nurse Call distributer for Western Australia - A position held for fifteen years.

Due to client requests, Access Protocol has been maintaining Sedco Nurse Call systems in both the metropolitan and rural areas for many years.  The formalised addition of Sedco to our Nurse Call catalogue promotes increased support to all existing (and new) clients with Sedco systems.


Authorised Resellers of

Austco Communications Systems Spok Accutech Wander Management Multitone Australasia


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