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Austco Partners with Active Tagging’s Baby Abduction Prevention Technology

Austco is pleased to announce it has signed a worldwide OEM partnership agreement with Active Tagging Ltd of the UK with its Xtag technology being integrated onto the Austco Tacera Nurse Call system. Tacera Tag solution offers advanced risk protection for the prevention of baby abduction or mother baby mismatch in Maternity wards.


Cordless Fall Prevention

Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace is always a continous focus of improvement to ensure the well-being being of both Residents and Carers.

The Cura1 range of cordless fall prevention products couldn’t be more convenient, and without the requirement of cables being run on the floor add an additional level of safety to the workplace and reduces the likelihood of damage to the products in use.

Available for use in Premium Floor Mats, Bed Pads and Chair Pads there is a cordless product to suit your needs.

Sedco SCPS Silicon Pendant

The SEDCO Silicon Pendant is robust and cost effective.  It comes in two versionsl to provide the patient/resident with nurse call and light switch controls or just nurse call.  Both of the buttons have Braille to indicate nurse call and light switch for visually impaired users.

This call pendant improves patient and staff safety by being more hygenic than standard pendants due to its sealed construction inhibiting the build up of debris and dirt inside the body.  The pendant is also constructed out of anti-bacterial materials and can be dip sterilised.

Pendant Triple Adaptor Module

The Pendant Triple Adaptor Module has been designed to allow 3 nurse call devices (such as a pendant and 2 x fall prevention floor mats) to connect to one 6.5mm connector in a call point.

Manufactured onsite by Access Protocol after feedback from both staff and clients, this unit gives staff greater flexibility when dealing with falls risks.


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