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Medicom - The complete Nurse Call System

MediCom is specifically designed to provide a total and reliable 24 hour a day, seven days a week nurse call system for use in hospitals, nursing homes and other similar acute-care facilities.

MediCom enables nurses to provide prompt and effective responses to patients’ calls at all times. Embracing solid state electronic technology and software, MediCom incorporates a comprehensive and flexible range of call types, priority levels, alarm handling and call indication options configurable to best suit the operational needs of any hospital.

  • Distinctive, easy to use multi-function patient handset
  • Wet area water resistant call points including shower pull cord with safety break-apart link fitting.
  • Patient-friendly operation to instantly alert nurses.
  • Two-way nurse to patient speech (“talk-back”) option with public address and nurse to nurse paging.
  • On-site customisation of call types, priorities, tones, colour designations, alarm messages, pager/telephone groups and assignments, call escalation and DAY/NIGHT operation.
  • Networking of nurse stations for centralised paging, alarm logging and printing of events.
  • Easy to install and to expand, modular connected system components.
  • Automatic system monitoring, fault detection and notification.
  • Battery back-up against mains power failure.
  • Lightning and static protected.
  • Compatibility interfacing to:
    • Existing nurse call systems.
    • Existing paging or telephone systems.
    • Critical plant or equipment failure alarms.
    • Fire alarms and smoke detectors.
Medicom - The complete Nurse Call System Medicom - The complete Nurse Call System Medicom - The complete Nurse Call System

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