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Accreditation and You!

More and more of our clients are coming up due for the accreditation appraisal and have been asking us "Do our systems meet the Accreditation Requirements?" This isn't a question that can be answered in a "black & white" fashion as there are many things that are considered during the accreditation process.

To help shed light on this question there are 4 main areas of consideration when applying for your accreditation:

  1. Management systems, staffing and organisational development - Within the philosophy and level of care offered in the residential care service, management systems are responsive to the needs of residents, their representatives, staff and stakeholders, and the changing environment in which the service operates
  2. Health and personal care - Residents’ physical and mental health will be promoted and achieved at the optimum level, in partnership between each resident (or his or her representative) and the health care team.
  3. Resident lifestyle - Residents retain their personal, civic, legal and consumer rights, and are assisted to achieve control of their own lives within the residential care service and in the community
  4. Physical, environment and safe systems - Residents live in a safe and comfortable environment that ensures the quality of life and welfare of residents, staff and visitors

Each standard is then divided into a number of Expected Outcomes and there are 44 Expected Outcomes across the four Accreditation Standards. There is also other information that may also be considered in the evaluation process including whether the home meets other responsibilities under the Aged Care Act 1997.

How long does accreditation last?
Accreditation can be a time consuming exercise, ensuring everything is up to standard, documentation is in order etc. Depending on how well your facility passes the accreditation criteria will determine the length of time needed between re-evaluations.

Commencing (new) aged care homes are awarded a maximum of one-year accreditation. This is to ensure that the facility is maintained and performing as it should in its first year of operation.

Existing aged care homes may be awarded up to three years accreditation, however, facilities demonstrating exceptional standards may be awarded up to four years accreditation.

Accreditation is not awarded to poorly performing homes.

Systems requirements:
When specifically talking about the Nurse Call system in place and whether it meets the minimum requirements, again there is no clear cut answer, however, there are a few things that you can be sure of:

  • The Facility must have a “Plan for Continuous Improvement”
  • Must meet the AS 3811 Standard - Many facilities do no perform yearly maintenance on their Nurse Call system as required by this standard
  • System must be independent of any other system in place - Depending on the quality of the company this may not be something that is automatically
  • Onsite systems need to meet or exceed the requirements of the patients/residents of the facility - For example residents bound to wheelchairs may require wireless pendants in case of emergency as they have more difficulty in getting to a wall mounted button or a standard pendant on the other side of the room.

Access Protocol prides itself on ensuring not only does your facility recieve a system that meets your requirements but also that of the accreditation standards.

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